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Discover the island of Aix

Take to the sea and set sail for the Ile d'Aix

Discover this timeless little haven of peace during your visit to the Charente-Maritime! Head for Fouras-Les-Bains, 30 minutes from La Garenne Saint Germain, and hop on one of the shuttles linking the island of Aix to the mainland for a 20-minute crossing. ⛵

Tour the island of Aix

Three kilometres long and 700 metres wide, the island is a little jewel sheltering a fragile and precious ecosystem.

Forget the car: you can walk or cycle around this island, classified as a "remarkable natural site". An opportunity to enjoy the magnificent landscapes that the island of Aix has to offer, including a magnificent view of Fort Boyard.

Want to take a dip or walk on the sand? The beaches of Anse de la Croix, Tridoux de Jamblet and Le Saillant are open to the public.
Be careful ! Only the Anse de la Croix beach is supervised (from July to August).

Visiting the island's places of interest

The island of Aix is not only home to exceptional flora and fauna: its history has also been marked by the Emperor Napoleon I. It was at the beginning of the 19ᵉ century that he had a house built there for the commander of the square. It has now become the present Napoleon Museum on the island.

Napoleon spent his last days on French soil from 12 to 15 July 1815 before ending his days in St Helena. He had a house built for the commander of the square, which is now the Napoleon Museum.

Another curiosity of the island built by the emperor is Fort Liédot. Go to the north of the island to visit this semi-subterranean fort whose construction began in 1811. Originally built to defend the island of Aix, it was later used as a prison for prisoners.

Take a tour of the Maison de la Nacre, the speciality of the island of Aix! Open from 1 April to 30 September, this house was created nearly 70 years ago. It is here that the last mother-of-pearl maker in France works today. In 2005, he opened the mother-of-pearl museum to share his know-how with the curious from all over the country and beyond.

Practical information

  • For more information on the shuttle bus schedules.
  • Please note! There are no cash dispensers on the island.